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June 30th - Lazarus Rising

There is a difference between dead and mostly dead.

The line is very fine but it’s there. If it wasn’t, where would all those good ghost stories come from?

Cults have always been fascinated with the dead, or more specifically, cheating death. Death does not like to be cheated. All the Final Destination films are proof of that, and the Tale of the Three Brothers from Harry Potter. Here, in the real world, death is something that cannot be avoided forever.

Oh, my darling, but what if it can?

After Rory discovered she can see ghosts, survived an attempted murder and a near kidnapping, she is rewarded by the sudden and tragic death of Steven, her…well, boyfriend isn’t quite the right word. However, being a human terminis has it’s benefits. She thinks Steven is still here on earth as a ghost and must find him. She keeps collecting lost friends, because Jane, the leader of cult, has kidnapped her classmate Charlotte. Will the London Shades be able to save their friends and stop Jane’s cult before it’s too late?