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May 15th - X marks the spot

Who doesn’t want to be a pirate? There’s action, adventure and the open sea! Not to mention the rum!

Casye and I are massive fans of the original Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It had everything we loved. Personally, this was my introduction to a very attractive and often wet Orlando Bloom. The doodling in the edges of my notebooks throughout middle school was cemented in that moment.

We are on the edge of summer, and treasure hunting season has begun. So, let’s so sailing for adventure on the big blue wet thing!

We are reading ‘Treasure Island’ by Robert Louis Stevenson. When young Jim Hawkins comes into the possession of a treasure map, he goes off on an adventure to find it. He’s thrown into the world of secrets, pirates, and one crazy castaway. I just have one question for you.

Why is the rum gone?

April 15th - Fools of April

Do you ever, say, have half a bottle of wine with a friend, and come up with an absolutely brilliant idea? Then, when the sunlight streams through the blinds in the morning, making your temples pound, you realize your brilliant idea wasn’t exactly….brilliant?

Everyone does things we regret. For instance, not taking that last slice of pizza, not standing up for yourself, dropping out of school or committing arson.

There are levels to this, of course.

And on a side note, please don’t commit arson. It’s just mean. 

I’m here to tell you something everyone should have already told you. Don’t have a cocktail on an empty stomach. I thought I was safe since it was only one beer on St. Patty’s day in college. I had, however, not taken into account that I hadn’t eaten since the day before or slept in over 48 hours on account of midterm projects being due that week.  

Let me tell you, I never made that mistake again.

What we are about to do might be a mistake.

But it might not. It could be brilliant for all we know.

We’ll let you know in the morning.

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February 15th - Love Me! Why?

The dreaded holiday has come and gone…single's awareness day….I mean Valentine’s Day. It’s a day for love, over-priced chocolate and cards, and judging how much you are loved based off how much money your significant other spent on you.

Honestly, that’s a really bleak outlook on Valentine’s day. I’ve personally never put much stock into the idea. The best Valentine’s Day I ever had was watching a ‘Love Sucks’ Vampire movie marathon with my friends in high school and eating all the half-off chocolate we could afford. Then something miraculous happened.

I fell in love.

We still don’t put a lot of pressure on for Valentine’s Day. We usually go get ‘Buy one, get one free’ lovers burritos and watch Star Wars Family Guy (As is tradition for Liz and Paul). We still see it as a day of love, but everyday is like that for us. We don’t need a special day on the calendar to remind us that we love each other.

So, in honor of our mixed feelings about a holiday dedicated to love, we are reading ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ By William Shakespeare. Benedick has sworn to never marry or fall in love. Beatrice has sworn the same. So, of course, they would make the perfect couple. Their friends, Claudio and Hero, do their best to set them up. But what happens when a sneaky Don decides to mess with the happiness of Hero and Claudio? Heart break, faking your own death and hilarity!