March 31st - One Tenth

America is a melting pot of cultures. For instance, Casye clearly has Irish blood running through her veins. I suspect she’s either a vampire or a secret long-lost Wesley. I only have minor amounts of Scottish and Irish heritage, but the stories of those cultures are strong. My grandad always used to say we make our own luck. He had a lucky silver dollar made into a money clip that he carried with him every day of his life. Never was fond of black cats either. My grandmama gave me a witch’s ball for my birthday last year. It’s a simple blue glass globe settled in front of a mirror. As long as the globe remains dust free, then witches cannot get into your house. I don’t bother with it much so Casye can actually come inside to record the podcast. (Also, it could be some sort of conspiracy to trick me into cleaning.) Through all the stories and all the superstition, Case and I have learned one thing.

Never mess with Fae.

Just don’t do it. They are quick, clever and mischievous. They will steal you, your baby, your magic, whatever they want without a second thought. The worst part is you’ll never see it coming. If you are forced to deal with them, there are rules.

1.      They can’t lie, but they can obfuscate better than OJ Simpson’s lawyers. Don’t trust them.

2.      Don’t eat Faerie food. You’ll be trapped forever.

3.      No gifts. If something seems complementary, it’s not. Everything has a price.

4.      This is the most important. NEVER GIVE THEM YOUR NAME. If they have control of your name, they have control of you.

Keep these rules in mind when reading Tithe by Holly Black. Kaye is just a teenage girl who is being drug around the country by her failing-rocker of a mother. Till one night, she’s on her way home from a disastrous night out with her friends. She happens upon a wounded Faerie Prince. But is he what he seems? And what does Kaye have to do with the upcoming tithe?