October 15th, 2018 - Physics & Fantasy

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Halloween!

The ladies continue their descent into all things creepy. But can scary be funny too? We intend to find out with John Connolly’s The Gates.

This book is very unique. It’s the first of the Samuel Johnson series. Connolly does an excellent job of combining science and fantasy. Science is the reason for supernatural things happening in the tiny village of Biddlecombe, England. This is another book where you must read the footnotes. They are hilarious. If you aren’t careful, you may actually learn something too.

It’s October 28th, a few days before Halloween. Samuel Johnson, and his dog Boswell, decide to get a head start on trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, the residents of 666 Crowley Road are unamused. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the great Hadron Collider has a minor incident…

And then the Gates of Hell are opened.

Elizabeth Bird