January 31st - The Glossary Is Your Friend

Casye and I make no effort to hide that we are mid-west girls through and through. The midwest is known to most coasts as the fly-over states. (Well, except for Texas, but they have their own issues we aren’t going to talk about.) We take this as an insult. The midwest is home to all sorts of incredible things!

  1. Chili with Cinnamon Rolls - You don’t dunk the cinnamon rolls in the chili. That would be gross. Eat one, then the other.

  2. Barbecue - We are born and raised Kansas City. World’s best barbecue. End of Story.

  3. Paul Rudd - Marvel Superhero who will probably defeat Thanos. Look him up.

  4. Miami County Wineries - Produced 90% of America’s wine before prohibition. Boom!

  5. Radio Free Puppets! - Puppets on the radio. I write the show so you know it’s amazing! (Justin, do I get paid now?)

I could go on and on. We have a lot of artists in the midwest and that includes authors. Aaron Hollingsworth, author of Four Winds One Storm; Book 1 - The Bone Brick City is a Kansas City native. We here at This is Lit! like to support out local comrades.

The Mystic Mafia is terrorizing the city of Embrinel. (I have no idea if I’m spelling that right). Only a rag tag team of adventurers can save the city!

The glossary will be your friend on this one, folks. Trust me.


Elizabeth Bird