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Radio Free Puppets

Radio Free Puppets from Just Puppet Productions is a radio variety hour as you've never seen it before! 

Meet the Newley Deads! America's favorite sweethearts and monsters, Fran and Frankie Valenstein on their adventures through life and marriage! 

Travel through space and time with Billy and Timmy!

Thrill at an adventure of Dick Meteor: Intergalactic Private Eye!

Live shows are the second Friday of the month at the Buffalo Room in Kansas City. Clink the link above for showtimes and tickets.


RFP is property of Justin Howe

Episodes written by Justin Howe and Elizabeth (one of the hosts of This is Lit!)

The Last Time

'The Last Time' is a podcast about the lives of historical figures, told from the point of view of the people they loved most, and the last ones to see them alive. Season One covers the final days of Custer before his memorable last stand at the Battle of Little Big Horn. 

'The Last Time' is a podcast by Paul Bird and, noted Kansas historian, Roy Bird. 'The Last Time' is a part of What the Flock Productions.